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Related post: RECEPT.TXT by Cindy V. TV, Fem dom, humiliation When someone describes a girl as having a nice personality, that usually means that she's not much to look at. But our receptionist Kathy is quite the exception. preteen charming doll First of all, she truly does have a nice personality. She always has a smile and a cheery word for everyone, and it's sincere. Guys just seem to congregate preteen nudista around her desk in the receptionist area, preteen pictures girls partly because she has such a sweet disposition. free preteens videos Well, maybe that's not the only reason they congregate there. Kathy is also one of the prettiest girls preteens penis pictures I know. She is about 23, 5 preteen model olivia foot 5, slim, with shoulder length light brown hair. She knows how to show herself off in a way that is feminine without being obvious. She wears colorful preteens putas skirts and dresses, stopping a few inches above the knee, displaying her lovely legs while rarely wearing something as obvious as a miniskirt. In the same way, her makeup is feminine without being overdone. Her cheeks just glow when she smiles at you, without her blusher being obvious. She has long dark eyelashes but you aren't sure whether she wears masacara or not. She draws the thinnest, most perfect line on her upper eyelids in eyeliner. And her lips are red in a soft way, not bold or glossy or preteen dutch models loud. You can not help but look at this girl when she passes - she is just that pretty. Kathy seems too smart to pthc free preteen be a receptionist, but she is attending college at night and simply wants a job that pays the bills for now. And being receptionist in this company is not always that busy a job, giving her time to study during work hours. You may find her with a book on economics, or chemistry, or statistics - she is not taking easy courses. preteen little pussy This is a small company - about child preteenangel 30 people - and Kathy will sometimes do some typing for one of the secretaries. And when Kathy is on lunch or bathroom break, one of the secretaries sits behind her desk, since the reception desk can not be unoccupied. This sharing of job duties with the secretaries is what got me in naked petit preteens trouble with Kathy. Secretaries' Day is April 20. A couple of us bosses pre teen board3 will get together and take our secretaries out for a nice lunch, as a group. This works out well, since the secretaries really don't want to talk to the bosses, and vice versa. As the other bosses and japanese incest preteen I were deciding where to go this year, one of models preteen cuties them asked, "What about Kathy - should we nude magazine preteen invite her too?" No one replied, so I spoke up with, "She's not a secretary. We don't take everyone out on Secretaries' Day, do we? I don't think we should invite preteens clips galls her." preteen snuff movies top preteen nude We all agreed, we had our incest preteens porn lunch, and that was the end of it. Or so I thought. Someone told me that word had gotten back to Kathy that I was the one who decided not to invite her, and that preteen boy gay she was not pleased. I asked one of the other bosses if he thought I should say something to her, but he thought that would make a bigger deal to this than it was worth. indonesian nude preteens preteen masha model A few weeks later I was around the reception area at lunch time. Now I admire Kathy's sweet personality preteen foto russian and her cute looks as much as anyone, but as a boss I am on guard about doing or saying anything that might be construed as sexual harassment, so I just try and give her a quick "Hi". But this preteenage nudity time she would have none of that. "Oh Ed," she said to me in a voice that no guy can resist. "I seem to be having problems turning my computer on. I think preteen russian blowjob the plug came loose. Everyone else is at lunch, so there's no one else around right now. Would you be a dear and crawl under my desk and put it in for me? I'd preteen models chat do it myself, preteens porno sex but this skirt is a little too short for preteen private naked that kind of thing." Kathy gave me that smile that turns me to jello, and her comment about her skirt seemed plausible. So I agreed and crawled under her desk. preteen pictures pantyhose I hadn't realized until now, but she must have the biggest desk in the company, certainly bigger than mine, and probably bigger than the president. I guess the receptionist needs a preteen movie xxx big desk. black tranny preteen I had no problem fitting under it, although it was naughty preteen sluts dark under there and I couldn't find a computer wire. Meanwhile Kathy was pushing me with her high heel. "I think it's in that corner," she said, although her heel gently nudged my crotch. She couldn't see in the dark where her heel landed, right? I was getting a little disoriented in the dark under her desk as I was feeling for the computer wire. "Say, Kathy," I said, searching for something to say. "I've been waiting for preteens usenet free a fax from Chicago. You haven't seen it, have you?" In addition to her receptionist duties, Kathy preteen girls erotic managed the fax machine. Kathy has just the sweetest voice in the world, but this time I heard the slightest hint of sarcasm in it when she replied, "Whatever do you mean, Ed?" "Well, Kathy, I called them, and they claimed they dvd preteen model sent banned preteenporn it hours ago." Kathy then sneered at me, "I'm not your secretary, you know." The way art nudes preteen she said preteen mirror pictures that, it was obvious what free preteens incest she meant. "Uh, does this have anything to do with us not inviting you out preteen hard ru on Secretaries' Day?" "Well, I had heard that that was your idea, Ed. Only the official secretaries get taken out, but I do a lot of secretarial duties you probab- ly have no idea of," Kathy explained while I was still under the desk. "So, yes, I am still pissed at you!" And with that, Kathy clicked a switch and her computer started to boot up. I could hear it hum. "Hmm, I guess it wasn't unplugged after all," she said. I was quite startled by this turn of events. Did she know shy preteen com her computer hadn't been unplugged all along? But before I had time to ponder this, Kathy took advantage of my confusion crawling around under her desk in the dark by tripping nude preteens galliers me with her foot. see nude preteens Then as I lay on my stomach, she quickly grabbed my arms, yanked them behind me, and preteen sexy little somehow tied them together. "Get up on your knees, preteen lola nude you preteen cp gallery worm," Kathy sneered at me most topless preteen boys uncharacter- istically. I managed to do that, still under her desk, in the dark. Then while I was still disoriented from all this, I felt her put something around my neck. Then I heard a click, a little clanging metal, preteen latina nude and a second click. I tried to crawl fresh petite preteen further under the desk, but I felt a yank around my neck. Suddenly I understood. She had collared me and attached the collar nude preteen vombat to a short chain. Probably the other end of the chain clipped on to the bottom of her chair. Meanwhile I was on my knees, hands cuffed behind me, in the dark under her desk. She had me trapped, but good. "Now, Kathy, preteen nymphs you've had your little fun, let me go this instant," I demanded. Kathy gave me a little laugh. "No Ed, I 've got you exactly where I want you." preteen topsites gallery And with that she clicked on some sort of switch, and all of a sudden there was light under her desk. She was just full of surprises. There was not much to look at, the way I was confined. I was kneeling with my face at about her crotch, chained by the neck to her chair, as she was sitting in it. I could see preteen fuck vid her lovely thighs come out of her skirt. She had her legs crossed. Then she casually put one of her high heeled shoes into my crotch, and lazily moved it around, trying to tease me. chubby preteen images "Cat got your tongue, Ed?" she asked me sweetly. It dreams photo preteen wasn't exactly a shoe. It was more like a high heeled sandal. And she wasn't wearing any stockings. nymphet video preteen Her elegantly painted toes stuck out from the sandal as she massaged my crotch. "Why don't we both get more comfortable, Ed?" she said. She reached out to unbuckle my belt, unzip my zipper, and she slid my pants and under- pants down to my preteens sex fotos knees. I was helpless to preteen girls camp resist, and in fact the collar and chain gave me very little room to maneuver at all. Then she slipped off her high heeled sandals. With one tiny, soft foot she gently massaged my penis. The feeling was heavenly. But then she brought the other foot up to my face. "Kiss it, then suck it," she commanded. preteen nudity usenet I funny preteen girls shook my head No. This was going too far. But she had all the bargaining chips and I had none. "What was that about a fax, Ed? Maybe I did see it - I just can't remember." Damn. I had no preteen thums idea of the power of the person who controls the fax machine. Even if I weren't tied and collared, I had to get my faxes. Very reluctantly and very red-facedly, I kissed her big toe. I felt so stupid. And of course nude preteen games her foot smelled like preteen model little feet smell, although the smell was not overpowering. At any rate, I didn't put very much into the kiss, and Kathy was not happy with my lack of effort. cute schoolgirl preteens "No, no, preteen moddel no Ed. I want a lot of kisses. Passionate ones. nude preteen childrens And all over my foot. In fact, cover my foot with little kisses." With such specific instruction, how could I refuse? I kissed her toes. I kissed her instep. I kissed her heel, I kissed the bottom of her foot. I kissed her again and again. Because Kathy is beautiful, preteen mermaids swimming and what else could someone like me do to her but worship her? I admit - I enjoyed it. "Ummm, very nice, Ed," my goddess replied. Now suck those toes like you mean it too!" I had never sucked preteens nu a woman's toes. Kathy's were tiny and were neatly polished - what else would you expect? I reached out my tongue at her big toe and gave a quick lick. young preteen candids A slightly unpleasant taste, but not horrible. Another lick. Maybe this wasn't so bad. I took more of her toe in my mouth and nn preteen art closed ilegal preteen links my lips around it. Then I started swirling my tongue around and sucking it in and out. I was obviously getting into this. Her other foot on my crotch didn't hurt either. Maybe it was the humiliation of it all, maybe it was the wonderful feeling of her foot on my crotch, or maybe it is just erotic to suck toes. But I was licking and sucking her toes faster and faster, alternating preteenmodel bbs toes, doing a couple of smaller ones preteen porno blogs at once, and it was fun, I took a moment to catch my nudists free preteen breath and I looked up. My face was still at her crotch level, and there was her crotch to see. But Kathy had a couple of fingers in her own panties, and they were wiggling as fast as she could. She was masturbating! I couldn't believe it! This whole scene - was it the idea of having a guy helpless under his desk, or was it having her preteen and pussy toes sucked? - was turning her on. Her fingers were moving furiously in her panties. I decided I might as well do my part. I went back to my sucking of her toes. I licked and sucked for all I was worth. Finally Kathy's underage preteen pussies body shuddered. I kept on sucking until her body stopped shaking and I knew she had had her orgasm. Then she told preteen nude asian me I could stop. "Ummmm, Ed, that was nice," she said to me in a dreamy way. In a way I was pleased. This preteen bikni girl is so beautiful, just for the privilege of looking at her masturbate for preteens I feel like I owe her something. Plus, I was hoping hot preteen sleepover we were even now for my not inviting her to the Secretary Day lunch, and I could get my faxes and be back to work. "Well, preteen boys bbs I'm glad you enjoyed it Kathy," I replied. "Now would you release me and let me go?" Kathy took her foot off my penis, which was now throbbing from all her attention. She reached down to put both her high heeled sandals back on her cute little feet. And then she reached into her purse, preteen models animated and pulled out her compact and lipstick. Taking her time checking her appearance without replying to me, she slowly put some lipstick on those lovely lips of hers. Then preteen lsex models she looked down at me. ranchi bbs preteen preteen pic erotica preteen nudist images "Oh cute flat preteen no, I'm not ready to let you go yet. In fact, it's my lunch break now. Someone else is coming here to the receptionist's desk in a minute to relieve me. In fact, maybe we'd better make you a little more presentable. black preteen stripper I assumed what that meant was that she would put my underpants and pants back on preteen girl swimsuits me. Wrong. She raised my chin in her hand, stretching the length of chain around the collar to its limit. And then she took her lipstick and boldly painted my lips with it! I was awestruck. How could she do this nude german preteens to preteens fucked online me? But she was not done. She unbuttoned preteen models gymnastic my shirt, book preteen sexy and then slowly painted my nipples bright red too! And finally for good measure she gently grabbed my erect penis and painted its head in lipstick too. Before I could even say anything, she dialed a number on the phone. "Hi, Nancy. I'm ready to go to lunch now. Are you ready to relieve me behind the reception desk?" She smiled down video preteens at me as she said this. She obviously was going to share 16 y.o preteens me and my humiliation with someone else. "Yes, I know it can be boring behind the desk, but I think the next hour might not preteen boys nude be so bad for you," Kathy said into the phone, smiling sweetly at me. I wondered - did Nancy already know about this, or was Kathy going to surprise her with me? nude preteen legs preteen models nastya I heard another set of high heels clicking over to the desk. Kathy switched off the little light under her desk. "Good bye Sweetie," she whispered to me. "See you after lunch." And preteen portal bbs then to Nancy she said, "Have a nice time ... "
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